Walking for Health

Whilogocolournov07200 I came across the Walking the way to Health website today. I don’t know why I had never come across this site before. It is a joint initiative between Natural England and the British Heart Foundation.

I was particularly impressed at the number of walking groups around the country and how easy it was to find one in your area. For those who want some walking companions, I thought it seemed an excellent starting point.

But I feel the best way to walking your way to fitness into is to simply walk instead of using the car! It still amazes me how many people would rather jump in the car to go to the local shops, to school, to work when the price of petrol is sky high. I feel guilty about using the car these days and would much rather to walk for the sake of our health, the environment and my purse! 

2 thoughts on “Walking for Health”

  1. I think we all get lazy.
    I live 6 or 7 miles from my nearest town/post office and probably 3 or 4 miles from a garage and shop so I do need to drive, but I do feel guilty about it.
    Surely in towns though, it must be quicker to walk some of the time?

  2. Don’t get me wrong Frog, I am also guilty sometimes. I am lucky enough to live a 10 minute walk to school and shops, but constantly see people zipping past me in their cars when they live even closer!

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