A Dark Dark Walk

This month’s regular post from outdoors mummy blogger, Leila Balin  ….

This week we have been spotting the first signs of spring with Daffodils poking their little heads up to say hello, buds appearing on the trees and the birds singing earlier in the mornings. The nights are getting shorter, and that anticipation of warmer weather is rising. I’m getting butterflies just thinking about it. I cannot wait till springtime!

With spring on its way we are losing the nights which in a lot of ways is excellent. It means lots more time for outdoor play which is much needed in our house. However, before the nights completely disappear and Little Man stops being able to say goodnight to the moon and the stars we decided it would be an awesome adventure to go for a walk in the dark. So after dinner on Friday night we wrapped up warm and grabbed the big torch ready for our night adventure.

Night Walking with ChildrenWe live in the countryside so there is no luxury of street lights and once you step out the door the only light is from the surrounding houses and the stars above. Little Man was more than happy to toddle down the driveway and out onto the field opposite our house. He had been itching to get outdoors all day and being out in the dark made no difference at all to his eagerness to explore. Along the way he pointed out everything he could see from sticks on the ground to fallen trees practicing his words and making his own sentences. We scared quite a few wood pigeons that had settled in to roost for the night, and there was Little Man shouting birds at the sky and asking Daddy to pick him up for a better look.

We looked for the moon but couldn’t find it tonight so we had to make do with the stars, but it wasn’t long before a couple of planes passed by peaking Little Man’s excitement. He had brought along his little wooden helicopter for the walk and instantly it was being flown around Daddy’s head with sound effects to boot.

Waking in the Dark with KidsWe crossed the little bridge across the ditch stopping to look at the water glisten in the torchlight and then Daddy found a lovely big puddle for splashing in. By this time Little Man was yawning away and was quite happy to look down at Daddy’s feet splish sploshing around rather than have a go himself. We were now only a short walk from home and after a quick run around the garden in the dark Little Man was ready to come inside and get bundled up for bed. He had that lovely contented look he gets once he has had his outdoor fix and we were all pleased with our little nighttime adventure.

Have you been out and about with the kids after dark? If not I would highly recommend it, it gives you a whole new perspective on the places you know so well in the daytime. Maybe you will manage to get better pictures than I did too!

Walking for Health

Whilogocolournov07200 I came across the Walking the way to Health website today. I don’t know why I had never come across this site before. It is a joint initiative between Natural England and the British Heart Foundation.

I was particularly impressed at the number of walking groups around the country and how easy it was to find one in your area. For those who want some walking companions, I thought it seemed an excellent starting point.

But I feel the best way to walking your way to fitness into is to simply walk instead of using the car! It still amazes me how many people would rather jump in the car to go to the local shops, to school, to work when the price of petrol is sky high. I feel guilty about using the car these days and would much rather to walk for the sake of our health, the environment and my purse!