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Happy Birthday Adventure Togs
Happy Birthday Adventure Togs

This week is quite special, since it’s 10 whole years since we launched Adventure Togs. My youngest child was only a two year old and we had just moved home, I must have been mad! Somehow, however, I managed to slowly launch a childrens outdoor clothing business whilst working part-time as a pharmacist, without the help of social media. It was all flyers and phone calls back then, with a bit of eBay here and there!

 It wasn’t long after we launched that we started selling to schools, playgroups and nurseries and more recently Forest Schools. Thank goodness children (and parents) are rediscovering the art of outdoor play …. it’s kept us in business for 10 years!


10 Ways to Make Outdoor Play Happen

Outdoor play - ideas for kids
Childrens outdoor play
  1. Create a nature trail – Print off a sheet of clues and a short quiz or word search of what you will see on your walk. Collect leaves along the way and try to identify them when you get home or (even better) make pictures with them by gluing on recycled cardboard.
  2. Head to the beach – Collect shells, seaweed and count the crabs. Write your names in the sand and paddle in the sea.
  3. Go to your local park – Let them run around and simply play. Interaction with other children is an important part of child development.
  4. Play ball – Play catch or have a kick around on an open field. Always a favourite!
  5. Take a camera or binoculars – Let your children take some photos and they will love to show them off to their friends. Try some bird watching with a pair of (not too expensive) binoculars and introduce them to a new hobby.
  6. Get planting in the garden – Create a small plot for your youngsters to sow some lettuce or herbs and they can enjoy watching them grow. They are also more likely to eat it!
  7. Get on your bike – Enjoy a family cycle ride, take along a scooter, skateboard or roller blades! Check out the Sustrans network for some great cycle routes.
  8. Wear suitable outdoor clothing – Layer your kids with a fleece mid-layer and waterproof outer-layer in winter or UV protective clothing with high factor sunscreen on sunny days. Hats are always important (pick something bright and fun) and gloves for chilly days.
  9. Take a picnic – Kids can’t go far without being hungry or thirsty, so remember to pack some fruit and treats in addition to a water bottle.
  10. Make it so much fun that they will ask to do it again and again! – Fly a kite or take torches on an evening walk.