Waterproofs for Schools and Nurseries – A Guide

Choosing waterproof clothing for your school or nursery shouldn’t be difficult. The foundation stage in schools puts a great emphasis on outdoor play and if you are spending a lot of time outdoors, you will need a robust and durable suit which is preferably breathable and windproof as well as waterproof. With so much choice in waterproof suits and separates nowadays, there will certainly be a suit to meet your needs. We’ve put together this short guide which will help your decide on the most appropriate waterproofs for your school or nursery.

Remember ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing’

1. Think Practical – Will the children be dressing themselves? If so, think about how easy the suit or separates are for children to put on and take off. If purchasing for a range of sizes, think about buying one colour per size, e.g. all the 3 year old’s wear Royal Blue, 4 year old’s wear Red and 5 year old’s wear Navy.

Togz Shell Waterproof All-in-One Suit
Togz Shell Waterproof All-in-One Suit

2. Think Fabric – How durable is the fabric? How you want a heavier duty waterproof suit or something lightweight and packable for easy storage? E.g. You may like the robustness of the Togz waterproof all-in-one suit, but when it comes to storage, the Target Dry Little Nipper suit takes up much less space and is equally waterproof and breathable.

Little Nipper Waterproof Rain Suit by Target Dry
Little Nipper Waterproof Rain Suit by Target Dry

3. Think Warmth –  Would you prefer a winter suit or a shell outer suit for all seasons? An unlined shell waterproof can be layered under in winter with a fleece to keep the children warm and dry.

4. Think Style – A one piece waterproof or separates? An all-in-one rain suit will prevent any gaps around the waist, keeping children warmer, particularly on windy days. However, a 2 piece suit such as the Mikk-line over-trousers / dungarees and jacket set or Mac in a Sac waterproof trousers and jacket is ideal for more flexibility.

Mikk-Line Waterproof Dungarees and Jacket
Mikk-Line Waterproof Dungarees / Trousers and Jacket Suit

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