Childrens Wet Weather Gear is Our Passion

“Childrens Wet Weather Gear is Our Passion” – I wrote this text on our website today and pondered for a moment. Does it sound a bit “over the top”? I thought. I decided to leave the text as it was, because, yes it is true.

Adventure Togs has been selling childrens wet weather gear and waterproofs since 2004, since my youngest son was a toddler. Constantly falling over and rolling around in the wet! Finding good quality waterproof and outdoor clothing was a challenge and hence the idea for Adventure Togs was born. We have many families who come back to us year after year, grandparents who buy for their precious grandchildren, schools, nurseries and playgroups who have become loyal customers and sometimes friends.

We are passionate about our role in providing comfortable, practical wet weather clothing for kids such as the Togz waterproof all-in-one suit shown below.

 You will find a full range of childrens outdoor clothing and wet weather gear such as Togz on our online shop