Tractor Fun

This month’s regular guest post from outdoors mummy blogger, Leila Balin is all about the days Daddy and Little Man spend tractor hunting….

Tractor Fun

On a Saturday Little Man has a Daddy day because Mummy works. He loves his Daddy days, mainly because they get up to all sorts of boys fun from building chicken houses to combine harvester hunting. I often come home to stories of grand adventures that, although I am sad to have missed, I am proud and excited to hear about.

This Saturday just gone the boys had plans to go visit the ducks, however, errands took over and they headed out to the local farm shop to get straw for the chickens. Little Man loves to visit the local farm shop because they have the best collection of toy tractors you can possibly imagine. He rarely walks out without one and today was no different. He had managed to bag himself a very lovely John Deere combine harvester. Now I’m starting to see why Daddy days are so popular!

He was pleased as punch with this new tractor and even took it to bed with him when he went down for a nap. When he woke up Daddy had spotted a New Holland tractor working on one of the fields across from our house so armed with his combine Little Man and Daddy toddled off to ‘hab a look’. One of Little Man’s favourite pastimes is watching the tractors and combines working the fields so needless to say he was enthralled.

This was until he thought he spotted another tractor on the farm (this is a local farm where the farmers are more than happy for us to explore because we know them). Daddy and Little Man went to explore and discovered it was just a hedge trimmer attachment but alongside it was sat a sprayer attachment, a roller and a mower. These entertained Little Man for a brief moment until he struck gold. Peeking out from the back of one of the other barns was the back end of a combine harvester. It wasn’t a lovely green John Deere but it was good enough and Little Man was delighted. Daddy says they spent some time exploring the big machine before Little Man went off for some more tractor hunting.

It wasn’t long before he discovered an old Massey Ferguson that was suitable for a ride on and he was away. Changing gear, steering the steering wheel and all with sound effects to boot. Little Man was in his element and there was no getting away. I normally get home about 6ish and love coming home as it usually involved lots of cuddles and shouts of ‘Mummy!’ but I arrived home to an empty house. The car was there but all the doors were locked and the house was silent. I tried to phone Daddy but no answer, however, after just a few minutes I received a text message telling me they were on their way back up from the farm.

Little Man had finally relented on hearing I was home and I think his tummy had started to grumble. I headed out to meet them and found them half way up the field. Immediately I had the toy combine thrust in my face and was then rewarded with a huge cuddle. The boys both had huge grins on their faces and I knew instantly they had another fabulous Daddy day together. I may not always love working on a Saturday but if it gives those two time to have grand adventures together then I am more than happy.

Do your kids have Daddy days? What do they get up to together?

Leila writes a personal, nature inspired blog at Mud Marvellous Mud. She is passionate about connecting children to nature and writes about her son’s experiences as they explore together. She is trained to Forest Schools and Beach Schools level 3 and is currently studying for an Open University Open Degree.

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  1. My son’s also obsessed with tractors, but then he’s a farmer’s son.

    His version of daddy days is just going out with his dad (or Gramps) on the farm. It’s usually only for an hour, on the weekends, but is probably the best part of his day.

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