10 Wild Weather Play Ideas

10 Wild Weather Play IdeasBrrrr, it is getting chilly outside. We are sitting here watching the trees losing the battle to keep their leaves whilst the heating fills the office with warmth and we wrap our hands around a nice hot cup of tea. The outdoors looks wild in all this wind and I don’t know about you, but a part of me can’t wait to wrap up warm in hats and scarves and immerse myself in the cold blowiness of the outdoors. The windy weather has got us thinking about how to embrace the wilder side of our weather and below are some of our 10 favourite ideas. Do you have any to add?

On a windy day stand on top of the tallest hill you can find and just feel the wind on your face. What does it feel like? What does it do to your clothes and your hair? When you have had enough wind then roll down the hill all the way to the bottom.

Create a musical washing line and listen to it in different weathers. Hang up whatever takes your fancy such as different lengths of pipe, twigs, pots and pans and anything else you think might make good music. Does the sound change with the wind? How does it sound in the rain? Test out different objects and materials and find out which sounds you like best.

Create some weather boxes. Decorate each both with the weather it represents, then pack each box full of things that make playing in that weather fun. For example, you might pack a kite, some streamers and windmills into a windy weather box or torches and mirrors into a foggy weather box.

Measure the weather. If you have a little scientist in the family they might be keen to measure the rainfall, temperature and cloud cover. See if they can stick to it over a whole week, a month or even a year. What will you find out about your local weather? What was the wettest, cloudiest or coldest day of the week or month of the year?

When the weather gets icy find a frozen puddle and explore it. See if you can skid across the top of it without breaking it, or see if any of your toys can make it across safely. What happens when you break the ice? How cold is it? How quickly will the ice melt?

Have fun with food dyes or even better use natural dyes. Drip spots of colour into puddles and if you find somewhere where the water is running you can even create your own little rainbow streams.

Race the wind! We bet you can’t beat it but you will have a blast trying.

Watch a storm and count the time between flashes and bangs to see how far away it is. I used to love doing this as a kid and it used to keep me entertained when being indoors was the safest option.

Make a snow den. Once you have completed your snow man and his little snow dog, make yourself a little snow den, just big enough to keep you and a friend nice and cosy.

Create a water station and watch the rain move through all the different channels you have created. If you create a little mini water butt you can reuse the rain water as you play and transport it from place to place.

What are your favourite ways to enjoy some wild weather? We would love to hear about them. Share your pictures on our facebook page or tweet us @adventuretogs with the hashtag #adventurebugs





11 thoughts on “10 Wild Weather Play Ideas”

  1. Great ideas, it can be so difficult to get outside and play in this weather!
    I love Autumn, as long as your wrapped up warm I love going for windy walks on the beach and exploring.

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