10 Things a Puddle Can Do

This guest post has been shared with us by Faye from Forest School Villagers, one of our subscribers to the The Outdoor Year calendar. Her Forest School embraced Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day on 11th January with a ‘Big Splash’ !

Over to Faye …..

10 Things a Puddle Can Do
10 Things a Puddle Can Do

Step in a puddle and splash your friends day; what a great idea!

From muscle development to dealing with emotions! Let’s have a look at the amazing things a puddle can do!

  1. Boost stamina and strength; Often, children have natural desires to ‘jump’ in a puddle, resulting in muscle use by pushing themselves up off the floor to make a big splash, what a way to build up stamina!

  2. Build resilience; Children have no fear. All that fun splashing around makes a possible slip or a trip worthwhile risking, providing with valuable opportunity to brush off, get back up again, learning how to develop control of their bodies the whole time!

  3. Teach science; Puddles turn to ice! It can change its state of matter! A fun, engaging activity and learning opportunity for children of all ages!

  4. Be measured; A stick/ tape measure could help to measure the length, depth, breadth, radius, perimeter…

  5. Change the view; Peering into a puddle a reflection, changing the way we look at things such as the sky, wildlife, clouds, people, ourselves and much more…

  6. Promote an active lifestyle; Jumping, hopping splashing, circling… this must get the heart rate going, increase oxygen intake, muscle building… regular visits outside to play and learn from puddles could empower children to lead a healthy and active lifestyle!

  7. Develop friendships; Team work, problem solving, turn taking, this comes with disagreements, wanting to splash in the same puddles with not enough room, all empowering children to ….

  8. Develop their emotions; Experiencing these, children will feel happy, joyful, surprised, kind along with feelings like frustration at times, this all supports their emotional development and skills such as negotiation.

  9. Be a platform for role play; From being water (soup) for children to scoop up with pans to cook in the mud kitchen to becoming a castles moat while children be kings and queens, endless opportunities for children to develop their imagination which means a puddle can also ….

  10. Be an imagination booster!

It is certain that a puddle is entitled to be recognised as a play and learning tool amongst other things!

Faye has over 12 years experience working with children in a range of settings including a day nursery, primary school, playgroup, play scheme and currently teaches in FE and delivers forest school programme.

You can find her on Facebook here:




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