Making Outdoor Chores Fun for Kids

When you have jobs to do outdoors and the kids have other plans, it can result in family arguments and frustration. What you need is a plan of action before you venture outside and some idea of how the children will entertain themselves outdoors. Outdoor chores can be exciting in the Summer when children are able to splash in the paddling pool or have water fights whilst you are weeding the garden, but what about when you need to wash the car in the middle of Winter?

Let them help

Dress them up in a warm waterproof suit and let them help. Get them a bucket and sponge of their own and let them help wash the car, wash their toy car, bike or scooter. Kids like nothing more than copying their parents.

Music can help

Turn on the radio and get them moving…just like us, music will get them motivated and increase their activity level.

Play ball

Whatever the Season, kids can play ball! Football, catch, swing ball, cricket or get them to play tennis against a wall whilst you get on with other jobs.

Collecting and playing in the leaves

Leaf collecting is always a family event in our garden. Getting everyone involved is essential as it can take several hours to clear a large garden and you need to know that the kids are safe whilst you are raking. Put down a plastic sheet for the children and get them some toy rakes so they can collect small piles which you can then add to your larger pile.

Outdoor jobs involving kids may take longer, but it’s great family fun, increases their time in the outdoors and instils an active way of life from a young age.

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