Top tips for luring those indoor kids outside

Top tips for luring those indoor kids outside

Not all kids are keen on the outdoors. For some the lure of the TV or computer screen is just too much, for others it might be that they aren’t keen on bad weather and for some kids it might just be a confidence thing. Some toddlers go through a phase of wanting to stick with what they know and some teenagers just can’t be bothered. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt getting outdoors is good for them. So how can you lure them out of their indoor ways?

One really easy way to get them outdoors is to invite their friends out with you. If you have little ones then invite their friends over to play in the garden, set up lots of toys or loose parts in the garden and let them go. Playing with others is always preferable than sitting indoors on your own. If you have teenagers you might need to get away from home or you might lose them and their friends in that mess they call a bedroom. Take a trip to the seaside and treat them to chips and ice cream.

Share some outdoor food. Have a BBQ or get in some favourite goodies and have a picnic. Not only will it get your kids outdoors but it will also get you together as a family. What kid, no matter how attached to their gadgets or other indoor comforts, can resist some tasty treats. Replace the weekly takeaway with some outdoor food sharing over the summer and you can all enjoy some more outdoor time.

Pick one of your usual routes, to the shops, to school or to the local library and instead of driving choose to walk. Even if it isn’t possible to walk all the way, make an effort to walk part of the way. Just taking the time to walk somewhere familiar will give your kids the opportunity to discover new things and appreciate the little things that make the outdoors fun to be in. If you can make this part of a routine then you all spend some time noticing the changes in the seasons.

Play with water. For the older kids, start a water fight, they will love the chance to get their own back. For the littlies just fill up a washing up bowl and let them splash. The lure of water play will be too strong to resist.

Get some games going on. Is your teenager football mad but spends more time watching it? Have you played family rounders for a while? With the littlies try hide and seek in the garden or scavenger hunts. Your indoor babies might groan at first but once they get into it their competitive edge will shine through and they will have a whale of a time.

If your kids are the gadget collecting kind then get them outside with a camera. Send them on a photo mission or get outside and make a film. Give them some props and see what sort of movie they can create. Maybe your older kids  will want to share it on YouTube or whatever the latest social media trend is. If your teens are on instagram set them a challenge, at least one outdoor photo a day that proves they got outside with their friends. Set up a # you can share your photos on and get trending.

How do your lure your kids out from the murky depths of their bedrooms? Has your toddler suddenly decided the outdoors is not for them? We would love to know if these tips have helped or if you have any tips of your own to share. Join the conversation by posting on our facebook page Adventure Togs or tweeting us @Adventure Togs using the #adventurebugs.

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13 thoughts on “Top tips for luring those indoor kids outside”

  1. I find switching off the play station works a treat for getting mine out to play, sadly I do this often as staying in watching a screen is often their first reaction. Once out playing is no problem. I think most children can relate to this, it was easier when we were young as there was no internet. Now it’s great to encourage the outdoor play we took for granted. Thank you for sharing all your tips on Country Kids.

  2. Great tips, Catherine, I find the lure of water play on a bigger scale hard to resist for even the most reluctant child. Thanks for supporting the OPP.

  3. Fab ideas, I think not giving up is also key. Sometimes it’s just too easy to say OK watch the telly as it’s just the easy option. Today we stuck to our it’s too nice to be inside guns and they spent most of the day outside 🙂

  4. My son though only 4 years old loves his ipad mini so its hard to lure him outside. But we are still winning by telling him we are going to the playground. Playground is our fail safe reason that he will go out. I dread the time that the playground will lose its magic on him. #countrykids

  5. Agree with the water play and camera tricks for different g groups. Yet to see any kid turn down the chance to cause chaos with water! Bringing story books to life is a top trick I use on walks – from hunting for gruffalo prints to trying to spot Peter Rabbit – it works pretty much without fail for my toddler!

  6. I really enjoyed thispost. As my daughter loves being outdoors I can forget sometimes that it is a bit of an alien thing for other children. Easy ideas, especially a BBQ is a great way of getting children outdoors.

  7. Good ideas there. It’s always good to have a few tips up your sleeve to get kids outside, I know food outside is always a lure for my children.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

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