Sustrans – Support Free Range Kids!

We, at Adventure Togs have been in full support of Sustrans for many years and regularly use the Sustrans cycle routes in our area. We were very pleased when they asked us to help publicise the new “Free Range Kids” campaign…..

Free Range Kids is all about putting the right to roam back at the heart of children’s lives. Today the average eight year old’s horizons extend a few hundred metres or, for some kids, to their back garden and bedroom.
Childhood should be a crucial time in our lives – a time to develop independence, explore, have fun, discover friendships, scuff our knees, and generally learn about life. These days it’s more about being removed from our environment, and denied freedom to get out and about.
There are things we can all do to give our kids more freedom now, or we can get together with our neighbours to do something for the children in our community, or call on those in power to make changes for the better, like lower speed limits.
Sustrans launched the Free Range Kids campaign in June 2011 with the aim of encouraging and enabling more children to play outdoors and travel more freely, safely and independently around their local area.
The Free Range Kids website has a wealth of resources for parents, giving advice and ideas on how to get their kids out and about.

The more people who get involved by holding an outdoor play event and simply just encouraging their children to play outside more, then the more likely it is that we will be looking at a future with brighter, happier and healthier kids.

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