Gloopy Water Play

This month’s regular guest post from outdoors mummy blogger, Leila Balin is all about gloopy water play….

Water play guest post November

This weekend we finally got around to letting Little Man play with his water table. I filled it up with lovely warm bubbly water and he couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Being a typical boy his monster truck was invited to join in the fun. At first his play was quite subdued, slowly pushing along his little boats and exploring the bubble. That was until he realised the monster truck had special powers. If he wound the wheels up while it was in the water and then lifted it out it became a magnificent sprayer and rainbow maker. In the sun all the little water droplets looked like jewels and he was totally enthralled. He loves rainbows at the moment, seeing them in absolutely everything (he even made a rainbow with some kale whilst making dinner this evening!) so he was completely thrilled when he realised he could catch little glimpses of a rainbow whilst playing with his monster truck. Who knew monster trucks and rainbows went together?

Once the rainbow exploration had run its course he was back on to one of his favourite activities – cooking. He started making cups of tea for us both and after a couple of those I remembered the cornflour I had stashed in the cupboard. I ran back in to grab some and found some blue food colouring while I was there. As soon as he saw the blue he wanted it so I dripped some in for him so he could watch the effect it had on the water. He insisted on doing it himself and the whole bottle was gone in a second! Unfortunately, once it had created an initial cloud of blue it dispersed quite quickly and with the base of the tray being blue it was difficult to see what effect it had. Little Man didn’t mind though, the bottle made a great container for him to pour water from his watering can into. He loves transporting water and will spend hours doing it, at one point water was being moved over to his digger bucket and then poured all over the grass. He even had me shifting water!

Once he was ready I poured in some cornflour for him. At first he didn’t really notice the effect it had on the water but before long his hands were sunk against the bottom squidging through the gloop. ‘More Mummy, more’ he shouted so in some more went. As the water got milkier we could see the blue food colouring taking effect. He loved feeling the gloop run through his fingers and watching the way it behaved as it poured it from one container to another. Slowly though he lost interest and we were off round the garden playing in the treehouse and hunting for snails. He was very good though and helped tidy everything up, helping me wash away the cornflour from the bottom of the water tray and watching as it all seeped into the grass.

Have you tried cornflour gloop in your water table yet? What other messy recipes have you tried? I’ve heard sand mousse is good.

Leila writes a personal, nature inspired blog at Mud Marvellous Mud. She is passionate about connecting children to nature and writes about her son’s experiences as they explore together. She is trained to Forest Schools and Beach Schools level 3 and is currently studying for an Open University Open Degree.

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  1. Water play is so much fun and I love how you added the color and corn flour to it! Unfortunately it’s been way too cold here to do anything like that outside lately.

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