A Pick Your Own Adventure

This month’s regular guest post from outdoors mummy blogger, Leila Balin is all about some muddy fun at their local pick your own farm…..

Pick your ownIt is that lovely time of the year when there is fruit in abundance so where better to spend a hot Friday morning than our local Pick Your Own farm. Little Man is a fruitaholic at the moment. I can’t get vegetables down him to save my life but he will gobble fruit to his heart’s content. He especially loves strawberries so a morning picking our own seemed like a top idea.

We arrived and collected three punnets so that we could gather some strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, just the right ingredients for a yummy summer pudding and off we went. Little Man, however, decided it was carry time. I don’t know about anyone else with a 2yr old but mine seems to insist on being carried everywhere! I must have the strongest arms of anybody around having to lump him everywhere. Stupidly I didn’t bring my sling so I had to juggle him, our bags and the punnets!

We managed to collect some strawberries and raspberries, without eating any would you believe, and headed down to find the blackberries. At this point my arms could take it no longer and we had a short stand off before Little Man suddenly discovered the blackberries. His mood instantly flipped and before I could say anything he was covered in blackberry juice. In fact with a juicy red mouth, hands and t-shirt he resembled a flesh eating zombie! He must have eaten his weight in blackberries before I managed to drag him away, convincing him he could have some of the strawberries once we had paid for them.

On the way back we came across some glorious muddy puddles and with looks of disdain from some of the other pickers Little Man was in deep, splashing around and having a whale of a time. He danced, sploshed, squidged and squealed, stomping and giggling. I loved watching him relish the cool muddy water as it splashed across his face. This was my little boy back. No more carrying or complaining, he was exploring and discovering as every little one should. I have to admit that at points during our visit we did get some disgusted looks and a few parents were particularly keen to point out to their children this was not the way to behave, shame really because some of the kids looked quite keen to join in. I know that Little Man was having a fabulous time and that a little bit, or even a lot of mud can actually do a lot of good.

Once the splashing was complete and he remembered the strawberries we headed back in to pay. I’m not sure they were too impressed with their muddy floor after Little Man has dragged himself through but they were very nice about it. Little Man had to be stripped down to get in the car and then sat and ate lots of strawberries before we headed home. Luckily there were just enough for him and Daddy to make two delicious summer puddings while I was at work the next day. Yummy!

Have you been picking your own yet this summer? How about some muddy puddle splashing? Are you squeamish about mud or happy for them to throw themselves in with complete abandon?

Leila writes a personal, nature inspired blog at Mud Marvellous Mud. She is passionate about connecting children to nature and writes about her son’s experiences as they explore together. She is trained to Forest Schools and Beach Schools level 3 and is currently studying for an Open University Open Degree.

13 thoughts on “A Pick Your Own Adventure”

  1. Your strawberries look divine. I live in Australia and we’re in the middle of winter here. Your post makes me want to jump on a Europe-bound plane (my parents live in Europe, it’s summer there and I am feeling homesick)!

  2. Strawberries are always a hit. We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to PYO around us. The children love to go. No rain for a while, so no chance of ad hoc mud play. #CountryKids

  3. I remember I used to love PYO when I was younger, but somehow I’ve never thought about doing it with my children…the muddy puddles are an added bonus! 🙂


  4. There is nothing i love to see more than a child having fun, splashing in puddle and being *shock horror* a child.
    There’s plenty of time to be mature later!
    Visiting you from the Let kids be kids Linky

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