We Love Picking Blackberries

Yummy Blackberries
Yummy Blackberries

Yesterday, Adventure Bugs went blackberry picking! We didn’t plan for a blackberry picking afternoon, in fact we’d planned to spend more of our time doing leaf rubbings down by the stream.

I took some empty containers along ‘just in case’ and we decided we would pick blackberries on our way back. However, once the little Adventure Bugs noticed such juicy berries alongside the path, they were collecting before the parents could protest and the walk to the stream which would have normally taken about 15 minutes, turned into 40. The lovely thing was that the children took the lead, helped each other, learnt which were ripe enough to be picked and counted as they added their juicy berries one by one to their collecting pots.

Some of them had never picked blackberries before and were delighted to be able to take them home for tea!

9 thoughts on “We Love Picking Blackberries”

  1. Oh we went Blackberry picking for our country kids post this week too. It is loads of fun and our hedgerows are crammed full of them at the minute. It’s good old fashioned fun, with something great to eat along the way.

  2. Always gets my kids enjoying a farm walk. We have so many this year too. The kids have a plan this week so I think we will be blackberry picking too. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  3. It’s that time again! Simple pleasure of filling a container with blackberries. Who wouldn’t be happy taking those back for tea? Happy times. #CountryKids

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