Didriksons Slaskeman Suit – Product of the Week

Slaskeman Waterproof 2 Piece Set by Didriksons
Slaskeman Waterproof 2 Piece Set by Didriksons

New in Adventure Togs for 2014 is the Didriksons Children’s “Slaskeman” set.

The Didriksons brand is based in Grundsund, Sweden and they aim to make high quality durable clothing for children and adults in the outdoors. They are the market leader for functional clothing made to suit all weathers and seasons. Their Slaskeman suit is a 2 piece rain set that is specially developed for particularly harsh weather, and will keep your kids warm and dry when they’re out and about.

Using PU fabric with welded seams, it is 100% waterproof, windproof and is perfect for outdoor play in the rain, mud or snow. Featuring an elasticated wrist, waist, and hood, you can be sure that the rain will have a tough time getting in! The set is generously sized to allow room for warm under garments and growth for your children.

We offer the sets from 6 months all the way up to 10 years of age and in two bright colour combinations; Opti Blue and Poppy. With a detatchable hood along with a fleece lining along the collar, this rain set is the perfect addition to your child’s wardrobe for the changing seasons!

The suit is available to buy from Adventure Togs for £35.99.

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Outdoor Play for Children – The Scandinavian Way

Children learn through outdoor play and can increase social skills as a result. They discover news things, increase their knowledge of the world around them and discover nature – the warm sun, melting snow, how the leaves blow in the wind. In Scandinavian countries, there is a great focus on learning through outdoor play.

The Norwegian word “Friluftsliv” directly translates as “open air living” and is an important part of Norwegian culture. It means spending time outside and experiencing nature. Sweden also has vast outdoor green space compared to the UK and again there is much more focus on outdoor play in the early years. They are taken to the park regularly and on forest excursions and are stimulated in ways which cannot be measured academically.

There are immense benefits from learning outdoors and if they can learn to engage more with nature, the more they will learn about the world around them. Too many children have insufficient exercise, leading to obesity in adult life and other health complications, and negativity regarding health and safety have discouraged outdoor play.

We need to focus more on the health benefits of children’s outdoor play and stop worrying about the things that may never happen! The Scaninavians are known for their resilience outdoors and they cope well with the harsh Winter weather with the correct children’s outdoor clothing, enabling children to enjoy playing outdoors for longer periods of time. We need to take note if we want to encourage children’s outdoor play and good health.