Didriksons Slaskeman Suit – Product of the Week

Slaskeman Waterproof 2 Piece Set by Didriksons
Slaskeman Waterproof 2 Piece Set by Didriksons

New in Adventure Togs for 2014 is the Didriksons Children’s “Slaskeman” set.

The Didriksons brand is based in Grundsund, Sweden and they aim to make high quality durable clothing for children and adults in the outdoors. They are the market leader for functional clothing made to suit all weathers and seasons. Their Slaskeman suit is a 2 piece rain set that is specially developed for particularly harsh weather, and will keep your kids warm and dry when they’re out and about.

Using PU fabric with welded seams, it is 100% waterproof, windproof and is perfect for outdoor play in the rain, mud or snow. Featuring an elasticated wrist, waist, and hood, you can be sure that the rain will have a tough time getting in! The set is generously sized to allow room for warm under garments and growth for your children.

We offer the sets from 6 months all the way up to 10 years of age and in two bright colour combinations; Opti Blue and Poppy. With a detatchable hood along with a fleece lining along the collar, this rain set is the perfect addition to your child’s wardrobe for the changing seasons!

The suit is available to buy from Adventure Togs for £35.99.

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Outdoor Blog Roundup – May

Outdoor Play Roundup March

It’s time for the monthly outdoor play roundup and this time we have some lovely nature based outdoor play posts.

Planet Smarty Pants shares 10 great ways to get exploring science outdoors. From minibeast hunting to building with mud, Jump into Summer Science should keep you and your kiddies busy all half-term long.

This homemade sun dial from A Mom with a Lesson Plan is a brilliant idea! We love that you can spend all day playing outdoors stopping every 15 minutes to build your sun dial. What better excuse to spend the day outdoors.

Not sure there is going to be enough sun for your sun dial? Mum turned Mom shares some lovely ways to play in the rain in her post Dancing in the Sun and Singing in the Rain.

Singing in the Rain

Adventures in Home Schooling has been one of our favourites this month with some lovely nature play ideas. They have been been spotting wildliflowers, discovering dead magpies and playing In the Stream including getting stuck in there for a short while!

So what are you waiting for? We would love to see pictures of you out enjoying nature, creating your own sun dial, dancing in the rain or even getting stuck in streams! However you choose to play outdoors send us your photos by posting on our facebook page Adventure Togs or tweeting us @Adventure Togs

10 Ways to Play in the Rain

10 ways to play in the rain

Did you know April is the second rainiest month of the year (according to Wikipedia, anyway!) Here at Adventure Togs we love the rain so we thought we should share our 10 favourite ways to play in the rain.


Put up your tent and camp in the rain. We love the sound of rain on the tent roof. Take in some of your favourite books, a nice cosy sleeping bag and some pillows and it turns into the perfect storytime.

Record the rain hitting lots of different surfaces with your smartphone and then see if you can edit it to make a rain song. This can be loads of fun and is a great way to combine technology with nature. Perfect for the older kids in your life.

Taste the rain, watch the rain, feel the rain on your skin. Simply stand out in it and enjoy it with all of your five senses. Describing it can be a great way to build language skills with little ones.

Write a story about a raindrop. In fact you don’t even have to write it, you could simply tell it. This is a lovely family game that really gets the creativity flowing. It’s great to hear the imagination of the young and old with this one.

Puddle jumping. OK, so this one is obvious but it never gets old. Even now I can barely pass a puddle without having a little splash.

Mud paint yourself! Now the weather is getting warmer get your arms and legs out and have a go at body painting with some mud then let the rain wash it all off.

Get scientific. Watch how the water flows and see if you can divert its course. Test what will sink or float, how fast they get carried along or how quickly a container or natural dip will fill up.

Go on a worm hunt. Worms are programmed to come to the surface when it is raining so its the perfect time to get looking for wiggly worms. Pick them up, feel them wriggle on your skin, watch the way they curl about just don’t chop them in half! When you get back indoors discover how amazing they are by looking up some facts about them.

Take a washing up bowl outside, let the rain fill it up and add some bath foam. Watch it as it foams up and then get the bath toys out. Wear silly foam beards as you play outside with your rubber ducks.

Hunt for rainbows. If it is lovely and sunny, like it has been lately, there should be loads of rainbows to chase. I never have found that pot of gold though!

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