Why we choose and value our outdoor clothing suppliers

Message to teachers, administrators and group leaders

Kids Outdoor Clothing Suppliers

For schools or educational groups the critical side of service delivery is making sure you work with reliable, consistent and quality focused suppliers.

It’s the hidden side of what you do.

Like life, most of the heroes stay in the back ground.

If you’re involved with making sure the right tools, equipment or clothing are in place you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about – you get thanked and then forgotten.

And you know what? Getting forgotten is a good thing – it means you did a good job, the right job that needed doing, not a job that has to be done again in 6 months.

In real life finding the heroes to walk the (wet and muddy) path with you is always a challenge.

Quality Outdoor Children’s Clothing

2 brands stick out for us as heroes; the UK based Togz brand of children’s outdoor clothing and Mikk-line a Danish brand of children’s outdoor clothing.

They should both be of special interest to teachers and project leaders (and all the unsung heroes) because they specifically make children’s outdoor clothing.

They don’t do adult ranges.

This means that the clothes are cut specifically for kids with features unique to children’s needs. They’re not cut down versions of adult styles. To labour a point – they work for kids.

Togz Outdoor Clothing

We began stocking Togz waterproofs back in 2008. Being so robust, the all-in-one’s are perfect for muddy play. The Teflon coating repels the dirt so it’s easy to wash away and the attention to detail gives great fit.

We came to love Togz clothing after listening to what was happening in several schools. Many schools approached us with the same story – the clothing they’d purchased was not up to the school job. They felt they had wasted money in the past and were now prepared to spend a little more on a longer term solution.

The Togz All-in-One suit proved to be massively popular because it is keenly priced and hard wearing. Because the suit comes in 3 colourways we were able to offer a colour per size. This means the children always know what colour suit they wear! Really helpful for teachers. Our relationship with Togz took off from there – 2 partners solving a problem.


Teachers rarely need to replace these outdoor suits and clothes, it’s mostly about providing extra sets for new children joining the school or group.

Although we work mostly with schools and groups directly it would be daft not to mention that both Mikk-line and Togz outdoor clothes work well outside of school too.

The Warm & Dry Suits are popular for winter and are often purchased for skiing holidays as a snowsuit for toddlers. The Warm & Dry Jacket makes an excellent school coat and the Mikk-line Rain Suit is perfect for rainy family days out and festivals.

Mikk-line Outdoor Clothing

We’ve been stocking Mikk-line for around 6 years now. The practicality of the Mikk-line clothes grabs you immediately.

They reminded me of my brother teaching in a very wet November Helsinki, 19 years ago. The children were snug and happy outdoors despite the cold and wet. The contrast of their bright and fun colours to my memory of our dark and sombre waterproofs in the UK was stunning. So advanced, so long ago.

When Louise from Mikk-line contacted me I knew that this was a range of products that would work perfectly for the UK schools market – our tests confirmed this. This is a diverse brand with a pedigree of harsh climate practicality. If it works in Denmark it’ll work here.

The Range of Outdoor Clothing

If you’re a teacher, group leader, buyer or administrator then Adventure Togs has done the hard work for you. We can supply direct to you:

Kids waterproof all in one suits

Kids waterproof sets of jackets and trousers

Kids waterproof over trousers and dungarees

Kids waterproof jackets

Waterproof mittens, sun hats and outdoor accessories

Craftwear for outdoor or classroom use


Adventure Togs are passionate about what they do and Mikk-Line are proud to support them.

Louise Bushell | UK Agent: Mikk-line Denmark

This belief in a healthy childhood that Adventure Togs and Togz clothing both stand for is what keeps us moving forward.

Anne Film | Director: Playtogs (Togz)


If you want to find out how Adventure Togs can support your school, forest school or group get in touch with Catherine Graham.

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Catherine Graham


Adventure Togs


Catherine Graham is the director of Adventure Togs. She was a health care professional for over 20 years and has a Forest Schools Level 1 qualification. As a mother she struggled to get the best out of outdoor learning and play because most children’s outdoor clothing just wasn’t up to the job.

Adventure Togs from Port Talbot, South Wales, make it easy for schools, and groups to find the right sort of clothing for children to learn and play in.