New Year ….. New Style Office

Adventure Togs Office Refit
Adventure Togs Office Refit 

The first two weeks of January have been a bit chaotic. Just returned from our Christmas break, we immersed ourself into reorganising our workspace and had some much needed worktops installed around half the office. There is still some work to do, but it’s amazing how spacious the office feels now that we can slide boxes under our lovely deep worktops.

Next job is to network the computers, set up a standing desk and 2 packing stations. Here’s to a super organised 2015!

Kids Outdoor Clothing and Accessories Since 2004

Happy Birthday Adventure Togs
Happy Birthday Adventure Togs

This week is quite special, since it’s 10 whole years since we launched Adventure Togs. My youngest child was only a two year old and we had just moved home, I must have been mad! Somehow, however, I managed to slowly launch a childrens outdoor clothing business whilst working part-time as a pharmacist, without the help of social media. It was all flyers and phone calls back then, with a bit of eBay here and there!

 It wasn’t long after we launched that we started selling to schools, playgroups and nurseries and more recently Forest Schools. Thank goodness children (and parents) are rediscovering the art of outdoor play …. it’s kept us in business for 10 years!


Childrens Wet Weather Gear is Our Passion

“Childrens Wet Weather Gear is Our Passion” – I wrote this text on our website today and pondered for a moment. Does it sound a bit “over the top”? I thought. I decided to leave the text as it was, because, yes it is true.

Adventure Togs has been selling childrens wet weather gear and waterproofs since 2004, since my youngest son was a toddler. Constantly falling over and rolling around in the wet! Finding good quality waterproof and outdoor clothing was a challenge and hence the idea for Adventure Togs was born. We have many families who come back to us year after year, grandparents who buy for their precious grandchildren, schools, nurseries and playgroups who have become loyal customers and sometimes friends.

We are passionate about our role in providing comfortable, practical wet weather clothing for kids such as the Togz waterproof all-in-one suit shown below.

 You will find a full range of childrens outdoor clothing and wet weather gear such as Togz on our online shop


"Happy Birthday" Adventure Togs

It's been 6 years since we opened our virtual doors! How time flies when your having fun. It just seems the other day that Penny & John, the Outdoor Scene rep's at the time, poured the contents of their suitcases over my living room floor and my first (very scary) order was placed. Very quickly, the Jumbo Suit, a childs waterproof all-in-one suit became our best seller.

Over time our website has been updated for our changing needs and our colour scheme from greens to blues. Many of our early products have remained, e.g. the Keela Waterbug and Snugbug although the colours have changed, and new brands have come along e.g.Togz Waterproof Rainwear and Target Dry.

We have embraced social media with our own facebook page, twitter account and of course this very blog. And to co-incide with our 6th birthday, we have joined forces with some Twitter friends to form, a blog which represents quality Independent Childrenswear shops in the UK. The blog features news from our shops, reader reviews of products as well as some lifestyle features and predictions of the latest trends in the Childrenswear sector. We are thrilled to be involved with "Kids Clothes Collective" and hope you will join us!


Kids Waterproof Clothes

Adventure Togs was born one wet and windy day in 2004 when we were out shopping for waterproofs for our two sons. We came home with empty bags and an online search proved fruitless. All the companies we usually shopped with for adult waterproofs had a very limited childrens range and a gap in the market was identified!

Trade began that October and we now sell waterproofs, base layers and fleecewear by Outdoor Scene, Keela, GTI and Target Dry for children and adults.

Many of our customers are parents or grandparents looking to kit out their youngsters and themselves. We also supply schools, nurseries and playgroups throughout the UK.