12 Christmas Pressie Ideas for the Outdoors Kid

12 Christmas Pressie Ideas

Are you one of those super organised people that has Christmas done and dusted and ready to go by 29th November? No, neither am I. Present shopping is often left till the last minute and I always struggle to know what to get, even when I have been presented with a two page long list from both boys. If like me you struggle to know what to buy then take a look at our list of 12 Christmas pressie ideas that are perfect for any kid who just loves the outdoors.

Is your little one showing signs of green fingers? Then how about a gardening set. You can buy ready made ones but we think it is much more fun putting together your own kit. Add some kiddie sized tools, some spring flower bulbs, some super cute kids gardening gloves and their very own watering can. If you have the space in your garden you could even buy them their very own tree to plant. Winter is the perfect time for planting trees and this could be a lovely opportunity for your kids to learn and enjoy their pressie for years to come.

How about a telescope for stargazing? Kids telescopes can start from as little as £12 so they don’t have to be expensive. The BBC run their Stargazing LIVE throughout January so this could be the perfect time to get your kids excited about the sky. Add some star charts and some stargazing books and this makes a lovely kit for any kid mad about space.

Create your own den building kit. A couple of tarpaulins, some rope, some pegs and some camouflage nets and you have about all you need to make your very own waterproof dens. Any outdoor loving boy or girl will love this kit but be careful, you might lose them on Christmas day to the garden as they create their very own hidey hole.

Put together an animal tracking kit. You will need some tracking id sheets and some plaster of paris for casting any tracks you might find. You could include a camera and magnifying glass and even an animal tracking book. This kit will certainly liven up your boxing day walk and who knows, if we have a white Christmas your kids will be fully equipped to find out what wildlife has been trudging round the local neighbourhood.

Create the perfect fairy garden kit. Any little one with a wild imagination and a soft spot for fairies will love this idea and the great thing is, you can include anything you like in your kit. Some ideas might be some flower pots, dolls house furniture, pine cones, acorn hats, bundles of twigs, special stones, mini butterflies. The list is endless and totally dependent on your imagination. Can you imagine your little ones excitement as they create their very own fairy garden on Christmas Day?

Buy them an annual pass to their favourite outdoor attraction. Do your kids love the zoo, the local farm or even the local nature reserve. If you buy them an annual pass not only will you keep them happy but it will save you loads of money across the year too!

Build them a mud kitchen. Do your kids love cooking up all sorts of muddy concoctions? With a mud kitchen there will be no end to the potions, cakes and mudpies they can create. You will need a corner of your garden, some old kitchen/storage cupboards, a sink if possible, if not then a washing up bowl will do and some old pots, pans and utensils. If you go for this as a gift they might even make you Christmas dinner!

A selection of balls and bats could be the perfect gift, especially if your kids love sports. Why not enjoy them as a family? Forget monopoly and spend your Christmas day playing rounders – kids versus grown ups.

Give them a tent and camping kit. If your kids are old enough to stay in their own tent, even if it is just in the back garden, this could be a lovely gift. Their very own tent, torch and sleeping bag will give them a flash of independence that they won’t want back. If you decide it is too cold to camp out on Boxing Day evening (you know they will want to!) then hijack the front room and let them have their first independent camping adventure.

Put together some pond dipping/rock pooling/bug hunting kits. You can buy kits on the internet but we think you can get more from your money by putting your own kits together. You will need nets, trays, id charts, magnifying glasses, pots and a bucket. Just imagine the adventures you can all have with these kits across the whole year.

Keep them moving on a scooter or a bike. To be fair this is probably one that is on the top of many Christmas lists but we still think it is a good one. Getting out on a bike is a great way of enjoying the great outdoors and you can create some fabulous family memories on family bike rides. Don’t forget the safety helmets though!

Wrap them up warm in cosy hats, scarves, gloves and coats. Keep them outdoors despite the cold by making sure they have all the right clothes from thermal socks to fleece lined all in ones. Check out the Adventure Togs shop for some top notch outdoor clothing for kids.

We hope our list has helped you if you were stuck for ideas. Do you have any to add to the list?

My featured post for this week is Glimmer of Hopes Book Love. Books are so important for our little ones and it is lovely to see her son building a love for them. Its also great to see him getting outdoors with his books, they definitely aren’t just for the indoors.

Outdoor Blog Roundup – November

Outdoor Play Roundup

Well a wet winter has well and truly set in but going by what you have all been up to it hasn’t put anyone off their outdoor play time. Here are some of our favourite outdoor play posts from the last month.

Eeek! It isn’t long until Christmas now! Have you done all your pressie shopping yet? Project Wild Thing has the best list of wild explorer books that will be perfect for your little nature lover. Do you have any good Christmas pressie ideas for the outdoors kid?

What with all the wet weather there is no excuse not to have been out enjoying the muddy puddles. Red peffer and family have certainly been making the best of them having lots of muddy fun. Just what we like to see.

Let kids be kids has been sharing a fabulous fizzy science experiement. This is an oldie but such a goodie, your kids will loving watching the exploding fizz.

And last but never least is A family day out’s deep mine adventure at Blaenavon’s ironworks and museum. If you are looking for a fun family day out this place is well worth a look, definitely one to add to the diary for the spring when it reopens.

Ready to go down the mine, Big Pit

Over on facebook Bushcraft UK shared this fabulous article on How to keep hill walking over winter. We love hill walking here at Adventure Togs and there are some great tips in this article. Do any of you enjoy hill walking? If so do the kiddies come with you?

Don’t forget to let us know if any of the posts have inspired you to play outdoors or to share your own ideas with us. You can contact us on our facebook page Adventure Togs or catch up with us on twitter @Adventure Togs


5 easy nature Christmas decorations

5 easy Christmas decorations

I know, I know, it is only November and I have already mentioned Christmas. I feel ashamed but I can’t help being excited. Getting the decorations out and making everything all shiny and twinkly is probably one of my favourite parts of Christmas. When the boys were smaller it was much more fun but they do still love it. Part of the Christmas tradition has always been to make a decoration each year and here are a few that are really easy and will give you just the excuse you need to go out for a lovely winter scavenger walk.

Make your own Christmas Star. Collect some twigs of equal length, you will need 5 in total. Place them in a star formation and secure the corners with glue or use string to lash the ends together (use both for extra strength). Then decorate your twigs with spray paint and glitter. Use some ribbon to create a loop at one of the points and your twinkling star is ready to hang.

Pine cone decorations are super easy and can become anything you want. Use lots of glitter and spray paint to create your own alternative to baubles. To create the loop use cotton thread in a matching colour. The cotton should be plenty strong enough and will create a delicate effect. If you want to get more creative you can let your imagination go wild and create all sorts of delights such as a pine cone Father Christmas or reindeers.

Create beautiful rosehip garlands by using a needle and thread to connect the rosehips together. This activity is brilliant for older children’s fine motor skills and the results are lovely. Perfect for adding colour to your Christmas decs.

Make a twig Christmas tree. Find a coloured piece of card and cut it to Christmas tag size. Use a hole-punch to create a hole in the centre top and thread it with ribbon to create your loop. Collect different size twigs going from large to small. Place these on the card with the largest at the bottom and the smallest at the top. If you need to trim off the ends to help create a uniform triangle shape. Use three similar length twigs placed upright underneath your tree to create a pot and then using some more coloured card and glitter add a twinkling star to the top. Once you have your lay out secure it all with a touch of glue.

Create lovely twin acorn decorations by tying each end of a piece of string around the bottom of the acorn hats to join the two acorns together. Decorate the tops with glittery nail varnish to get a neat finish and write your first initial on one and your last initial on the other. Once dry then hang them from the middle of the string and you have a lovely personalised Christmas decoration.

The best part about all of these decoration ideas is that you need to spend time outdoors collecting materials for them and while the weather is damp it is worth bringing them in and letting them dry out a bit before you use them. Do you make any of your own Christmas decorations? We would love to hear all about them on our facebook page or tweet us @adventuretogs with the hashtag #adventurebugs. We love to hear your ideas and share them with our readers!