5 Outdoor Easter Games for Kids

5 Outdoor Easter Games

Easter is the perfect time to celebrate the joys of spring and wherever kids are involved boundless energy and enthusiasm for chocolate eggs follows. I’m sure my boys could quite happily consume their own body weight in chocolate over Easter (so could I for that matter!). So here are 5 Outdoor Easter Games that should keep them (and you) busy, and might, just might hold off those chocolate pangs until after they have filled up on a yummy Easter Sunday dinner.

Get messy with some flying eggs. You will need at least two teams of two to play this game. Try pitching the kids against the adults or pull names out of a hat for some random family pairings. Beware though, this one is messy and changes of clothes may be required! Start off with both pairs standing fairly close to each other. Each team starts of with a box of six eggs. Once each pair is ready they start throwing the eggs towards each other. After each successful throw they take a step back. The aim is to get as far away from each other without breaking the egg. Once an egg breaks the team takes another from their six and starts from the same position they left off. The first team to break all their eggs is the loser and the remaining team, who are probably slightly less messy than the losers, usually wins themselves some more chocolate eggs, although you could be a little more adventurous and maybe offer them the chance to egg the other competitors with the eggs they have left over. It probably depends on how messy you really want to get!

Have a go at the good old Easter Egg hunt. These usually require a little bit of preplanning but lets face it, who doesn’t love hunting for treasure in the shape of chocolate. Check out our post Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for some alternatives to the traditional style hunt.

Set up an egg and spoon obstacle race. Make this old favourite slightly more interesting by putting a set of obstacles in the way of the competitors. Hard boiled eggs are often used for these races but spice things up a little and use raw eggs. Again, it could get mucky but hey, it’s bound to be fun!

Have a go at egg rolling races. There are several ways to set this one up. You can use a straight course, give each competitor and spoon and see who can roll their egg to the end the fastest without breaking it. You could create a twisty obstacle course the competitors have to roll their eggs around or you could sack off the spoons and get each competitor to roll their eggs with their noses. This last one has to be the funniest option but also much trickier than you might think.

Run around like hens and chickens! This game is a bit like the popular kids game ‘It’. One person starts off as the Hen, everyone else is chicks. The Hen is placed in the middle of the ‘road’ and the chicks at either end. As the chicks try to make it to the other side the Hen must try to gather up her chicks and keep them safe by catching them. Each one that is caught then has to help their mother Hen catch the rest. This is a brilliant one for letting of some steam after some of the more difficult games and what kid doesn’t love running around like a loopy chicken anyway.

Do you have any favourite Easter games you like to play? We would love to hear about them.

Our favourite outdoor play post from the past week is The Magic of the Secret Beach from the lovely Coombe Mill. The secret beach does sound absolutely magical and holds lots of lovely family memories for her and her children. Do you have a special spot that has stolen your families heart?

Outdoor Blog Roundup – January

Outdoor Play Roundup

It’s time for the first Outdoor Play Roundup of 2015 and we have some lovely wintery posts for you all to enjoy.

First up the lovely The Boy and Me started their new year enjoying the beach on Barry Island. They made a cracking moat and waited for the tide to come in and fill it up. This is something we think everyone should try at least once. It looks like great fun!

We absolutely loved this post from Mummy LogicHere are two sticks.  Her post just goes to show how wonderful sticks are for our children’s imagination. Something so simple yet utterly magical.

With all the snow in the news we know some of you are feeling left out. Coombe Mill has the answer though with their Snow Free Snowmen. With these there is no need to miss out, who needs snow hey?

Last but not least we loved Wild Family Fun’s post about not letting winter get in the way of their outdoor play. We love their spirit and think their photos are fabulous. How much fun have you had outdoors this winter?

Now it’s time for this week’s Outdoor Play Party. My featured post for this week is Bubba Blue and Me’s post Frost Doesn’t Stop Play. We loved reading about how the cold never seems to stop her boy getting outdoors and as a Mum of boys myself, I loved seeing them roughhousing and having fun despite the cold. Do your kids feel the cold or do they long outlast you when the temperature drops?

pile up on the trampoline

10 Ways to Play at the Beach

10 ways to play at the beachWith the summer in full swing the only thing to do is hit the beach. If you haven’t already, and I’m sure many of you will have, we have come up with 10 ways to play amongst the sand and the sea.

Build sandcastles. Ok, so this is obvious but why not extend it and get into two teams. Each build a sandcastle with a moat and have a mini battle between the two. You could use shells and stones as knights and horses or even as a princess trapped in the top tower and in need of rescuing.  Get as creative as you like and allow the imaginary world to take over.

Walk like a crab, roll like a seal or swim like a fish. Kids love to use their whole bodies in play and this one will really get them moving. It will get them giggling too, especially watching Mum or Dad attempting to walk like a crab along the beach.

Make some sandy art. Use seaweed, pebbles, shells and sand or whatever else you can find and create some gallery worthy art. Try and make portraits of each other or create underwater worlds on the sand. You can lose yourself in this one and completely forget the time, just watch that tide!

Forage for seaweed. Foraging is a brilliant activity for kids, the buzz of finding what you are looking for and then cooking and tasting it will make long lasting happy memories. Be sure to do some prep work for this one though, make sure you know what you are picking and that you are sure of how it needs to be prepared before eating it. There are some great books out there offering advice on the subject.

Go surfing. Lots of older kids will absolutely love this one and from what I’ve heard once you give it a go it becomes addictive. Soon enough you will be following the surf around the country. There are plenty of surf and water sports schools around the coast so check out your nearest one.

Jump the waves. This is another one guaranteed to get the giggles going. I remember spending hours jumping waves as they crashed into the shore and a falling over a fair few times in fits of laughter. Little ones and big ones alike will love this one and will be up for the challenge of seeing how high they can go.

Collecting and sorting. Whichever beach you end up at there are bound to be lots of special treasures worth collecting, whether it be driftwood, shells, pebbles or seaweed. Take along some egg boxes (don’t lose them in the wind though!) and label each section with a colour, a size or for the older ones a species / types of shell and then head out collecting as many of each kind as you can fit in each section. Alternately, just collect what catches your eye and sort them afterwards into size or colour.

Make a sand volcano. All kids will love this one. Build up a mound of sand in the shape of a volcano with a crater at the top. Fill the crater with 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda and then add roughly 250ml of vinegar then sit and watch as the reaction occurs. You should end up with a lovely fizzy froth erupting over the top of your volcano.

Rockpooling. Discover the wild creatures of the seaside and search the rock pools for all manner of life. You can make lists of what you expect to find and check them off alternativley, you could pretend you are scientists discovering the creatures for the first time and give them your own names and stories.

Bake sandy cakes and have a tea party. Bring along some cake cases and muffin tins and get cooking. Instead of making mud pies make sandy pies and sea water tea. Discover some new recipes and have yourself a very merry tea party by the sea.

What are your favourite ways to play at the beach? We would love to hear what you get up to. Share your pictures on our facebook page or tweet us@adventuretogs with the hashtag #adventurebugs