Mikk-line Kids Waterproof Clothing and Accessories

We now have some new products from the fabulous Scandinavian brand, Mikk-line (from Denmark). We have stocked their 2 piece PU Waterproof Suits for several seasons and have recently replenished stocks in both Dark Marine (Navy) and Hot Pink at £35.99. They are waterproof to 8 times the British Standard, so sure to keep the kids dry in the Great British Weather!
Also, we have cotton jersey balaclavas (£14.99) in bright colours and waterproof blouse bibs (£12.99) which are ideal for painting, crafts and messy play.

Mikk-line kids waterproof suits
Mikk-line kids waterproof suits £35.99


Childrens cotton jersey balaclavas
Childrens cotton jersey balaclavas £14.99
Toddlers waterproof blouse bibs
Toddlers waterproof blouse bibs £12.99

Didriksons Slaskeman Suit – Product of the Week

Slaskeman Waterproof 2 Piece Set by Didriksons
Slaskeman Waterproof 2 Piece Set by Didriksons

New in Adventure Togs for 2014 is the Didriksons Children’s “Slaskeman” set.

The Didriksons brand is based in Grundsund, Sweden and they aim to make high quality durable clothing for children and adults in the outdoors. They are the market leader for functional clothing made to suit all weathers and seasons. Their Slaskeman suit is a 2 piece rain set that is specially developed for particularly harsh weather, and will keep your kids warm and dry when they’re out and about.

Using PU fabric with welded seams, it is 100% waterproof, windproof and is perfect for outdoor play in the rain, mud or snow. Featuring an elasticated wrist, waist, and hood, you can be sure that the rain will have a tough time getting in! The set is generously sized to allow room for warm under garments and growth for your children.

We offer the sets from 6 months all the way up to 10 years of age and in two bright colour combinations; Opti Blue and Poppy. With a detatchable hood along with a fleece lining along the collar, this rain set is the perfect addition to your child’s wardrobe for the changing seasons!

The suit is available to buy from Adventure Togs for £35.99.

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5 quick tips to help you achieve some outdoor time every day

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I will be working with the lovely Kierna from Learning for Life, Jen from Kitchen Counter Chronicles, Leila from Mud Mud Marvellous Mud and Linda from Rain or Shine Mamma to bring you lots of fun outdoor ideas. If you get a chance do pop on over to their blogs, they are all brilliant reads and full of lots of outdoor fun. Just what we like over here at Adventure Togs.

For us, as probably for many of you, getting outdoors now the weather has turned is becoming slightly more of a chore. The extra layers have come out and the heating is humming but when we do finally brave the big chill we feel so much better for it. So here are 5 quick tips to help you achieve some outdoor time every day.

5 quick tips

Outdoor Blog Roundup – October

Outdoor Play Roundup

It is nearly time to say goodbye to October already and this month we have been spoilt for choice with some fabulous posts going up around the blogging community. Here are just a small selection of our favourite outdoor play posts from this month.

The Boy and Me have been visiting their local pick your own to p-p-p-pick their perfect pumpkin. We think this is a great way to celebrate October and the colours of those pumpkins are just amazing!

We absolutely adored the fabulous Coombe Mill’s post sharing their sensory learning fun with fairies and goblins. There are some great ideas in here for little ones and we especially loved the scattering of fairy food. How cute!

If you are looking for somewhere to visit Mummy M’s Memories recommends Formby Beach. With a forest and beach all in one place it sounds like the perfect place to play and well worth a visit!

Last but absolutely not least Over there to Here have shared a fabulous post about Mushroom hunting. Who knew fungi could be so fun?

Over on facebook and sticking to the fungi theme we were inspired by this video shared by Woodland UK. Will you run down the path of knowledge as fast as you can?

Don’t forget to let us know if any of the posts have inspired you to play outdoors or to share your own ideas with us. You can contact us on our facebook page Adventure Togs or catch up with us on twitter @Adventure Togs

Celebrate Nature this Halloween


It’s the time of year when everything suddenly becomes orange and black. The grimace of carved pumkins seem to greet you wherever you go and you know it won’t be long before trick or treaters start the annual ritual of begging for candy. It’s Halloween time and you either love it or you hate it. I have to confess to loving it with all its tacky fake blood and false fingers and one of the reasons for this is that it is a great excuse to explore the darker side of nature. From spiders to bats, gnarly trees and nighttime owls, nature is weaved through our Halloween celebrations more than we often notice.

The dark evenings of October give us the perfect excuse to enjoy the darker nights and explore our worlds in a brand new way. This Halloween make a point of heading out into the dark, not to knock on your neighbours door for sweets but to listen out for owls. See if you can spy some bats or if you can find some ivy, use a torch to look for the many moths that use this as their food source. Take time to hear the crunch of trees and twigs underfoot and search around in the undergrowth for scuttling beetles and slimy slugs. Turn it into a scavenger hunt and get your kids to earn their treats instead of begging for them.

While you are out there use smartphones or tablets to record the spooky sounds you hear. Listen back to your soundtracks when you return to the warmth and comfort of the indoors and see whose is the scariest. Give out prizes for the spookiest noises and then save them somewhere ready to creep you all out again next year.

For littler ones who might not be up for running around in the dark spend the day exploring your local surroundings. What ghosts and gouls can you find hiding in the trees? You would be surprised what faces are hidden in amongst the bark, twigs and leaves. Gather up some gnarly looking sticks and create your own witches and broomsticks. Witches would have used all sorts of natural materials to make their potions and cast their spells. What magic can you make just exploring your local park or even your own garden?

Take the opportunity while you are exploring to make some scary leaf masks or ivy headbands and add some natural embellishment to your spooky outfits. Think about how in the past people might have used nature to make their clothes and how many of the things we love and celebrate around Halloween are linked to the magic of the natural world.

Do you have any great nature based Halloween ideas? We would love to hear all about them on our facebook page or tweet us @adventuretogs with the hashtag #adventurebugs. We love to hear your stories and share them with our readers!

Outdoor Blog Roundup – September

Outdoor Play Roundup

It’s that time of the month again and we have some lovely treats to share in this months roundup.

First up we loved the message in this post ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside….’ from 101 things to do with kids. Sometimes we all need to take time with our children to slow down and enjoy the moment and what better place than the beach.

Over there to Here have been wildlife spotters this month on the hunt for rabbits. They have managed to spot lots of them about and learnt lots about them too. Rabbits are so easy to spot we think this is a great place to start wildlife watching and why not see what birds and minibeasts you can spot while you are there?

Now we know this one isn’t strictly outdoor play but it was just too yummy to pass up. 3 Princesses and 1 Dude have been making this delicious summer berry croissant puff and we are sure you could make it an outdoor autumn treat by foraging for some local eating apples, walnuts and the last of the blackberries to add to the mix. Mmmm, we are drooling here just thinking about it!

Finally this month Adventures in Homeschool have been Rangers in the Wild on a recent trip to a local woodland. They have been out searching for all sorts of signs of autumn and discovering all different ways of using different trees and plants from the past.

We hope you have all enjoyed this months roundup. Don’t forget to let us know if any of the posts have inspired you to play outdoors or to share your own ideas with us. You can contact us on our facebook page Adventure Togs or catch up with us on twitter @Adventure Togs


Why playing in nature is good for our kids

why playing in nature is good for our kids

Most of us know that playing in nature is good for our kids, but as the colder weather arrives, sometimes we need reminding so that we don’t completely retreat into our central heated cosy homes. So here is why, even when it is cold and gloomy, playing in nature is good for our kids.

It gets our kids moving. Being outdoors in nature makes them want to run, jump, climb, kick and crawl. Watch them next time they are out in the local woods. We bet it won’t be long before they are balancing on a fallen log or kicking the leaves. Head down to the beach and they won’t be able to stop themselves from hopping and jumping over the waves or digging in the sand.

Playing in nature can boost their creativity. Without toys with predisposed functions kids have to think for themselves. A stick can be a thousand different things, stones can tell a thousand stories and mud can make a thousand different pies. There really are endless possibilities in nature, we just have to let their imagination take them there.

It can help our children de-stress. Being back at school, with pressure to perform and after school clubs to attend, our children are under much more pressure than we were as kids. Allowing them space to play in nature gives them a chance to relax, forget about the spat they had with their best friend over lunch or the homework they have been putting off. In nature they get to just be and so do we. In fact playing in nature is just as good for us as it is for them!

They will learn something new without even knowing it. Nature has so much to teach our kids and they will learn it all by themselves. Children often, naturally start to group items together according to size, function or colour. They learn the difference between solid materials and liquids, they discover what is pliable and what isn’t, how materials work together and so much more. They learn their own limits, how high they can climb, how far they can jump, how much pressure they need to apply to snap a twig. They discover important scientific principles without even realising what they have discovered. Later on when they get into the classroom they will have something to relate their learning to. In fact the learning possibilities in nature are limitless and the learning sticks better when it is self-motivated.

Playing in nature also builds on their problem solving skills. If they want to make a tree swing they have to work out how one would work, what sort of rope to use and which branch is the best choice. If they build a shelter they have to work out how to transport large sticks, how to make it waterproof and how to make it big enough for them and all their friends.

And this doesn’t even cover it all! So brave the cold air and find somewhere natural to play, then enjoy coming home to a nice warm house and a cup of hot chocolate.

'Little Nipper' – A Colourful Waterproof Rain Suit for Kids

Little Nipper Waterproof Rain Suit by Target Dry
Little Nipper Waterproof Rain Suit by Target Dry

The Target Dry ‘Little Nipper’ Suit is a new colourful all-in-one waterproof rain suit for 2014!

Manufactured by the trusted Target Dry brand, the suit is 100% waterproof (3000mm) and breathable (3000gsm), providing head to ankle protection even on the wettest days.

Made from a lightweight and packable material (100% polyester), this suit will guarantee that your little ones can comfortably fit an extra layer underneath during the colder weather.

The age ranges on the Little Nipper go from 6-12 Months, all the way up to 11-12 Years!

The suit is available in four bright and bold colours; Aruba Strawberry, Navy, Riviera Vintage Car and Fandango Bow (only navy from 7-8 yrs). These suits would be ideal for school or nursery outdoor play as they pack up small for easy storage and will keep the children protected from wind and rain. With features like the easy access full length zip, integral hood and reflective piping, the Little Nipper is a must-have packable suit and will brighten up any children’s day!

The suit is available to buy from Adventure Togs for £27.50.

Click here for more details and to buy!

9 Nature Crafts to try this Autumn

9 Nature Crafts

Autumn is here already and with it comes the gorgeous yellows, reds and oranges of fallen leaves, their crisp crunch under foot and the familiar musky damp smell that comes with the colder, wetter weather. We love the textures and colours that autumn brings with it and to celebrate we are sharing nine lovely nature crafts that an autumnal bounty is perfect for.

Crown yourself as King or Queen of the land and make yourself a beautiful leaf crown. Grab a piece of card large enough to fit around your head then cut it into a thick strip. Place it around your head to get the right size and then staple the join together (obviously not while it is still round your head!). Then get outdoors and collect as many beautiful coloured leaves you can find and staple them onto the card to make your crown suitably royal. If you want to mix it up a bit then add other treasures to your crown such as feathers and berries.

Make your very own miniature people. Use whatever you can find from sticks to acorns for the body and then add a hat, a cloak and anything else that will make your find into a little person of their own. Once you have the people then why not build them a house too, heck, you could build your own little village of people if you wanted too. This activity could lead to some great story telling and imaginative play scenarios.

Create some textured art. Grab some crayons and some paper, head outside and choose any texture that you like the look and feel of. Place the paper over the item and then colour over the top with the long side of the crayon. Try it with different leaves and flowers and have fun experimenting.

Try some apple printing. Find a local apple tree and forage some fruit, chop them in half, dip them in paint and print onto paper, cotton, cardboard or anything else you fancy. Combine the prints with your own drawings or pick some flowers or seed heads and add flower prints to your art. Get creative and see where it takes you.

Create a tree sculpture. Choose a tree and use whatever you can find to decorate it or build a sculpture around it. Try wedging sticks in between branches or hanging leaves from the trunk using ivy as twine. Leave something special for a passer-by to enjoy, maybe you will inspire them to make their own tree sculpture.

Make yourself a journey stick. Grab some wool or string and cut into lengths then head on out to find yourself a stick. Once you have your stick, preferably of walking stick size then tie the string onto the top end. Take your stick along on a wonderful adventure and collect items as you go that will remind you of your adventure, remind you of other important things in your life or that you simply like the look, smell, feel of. By the time you have finished your adventure you will have a lovely reminder of the fun you had. The lovely thing about journey sticks is that you can make a new one for every adventure you have.

Make some natural mandalas. This is a great activity for exploring shapes and colours as well as sorting. Collect items of similar colours and shapes to create each layer of your mandala, use different items working from inside to outside. See how large you can make your mandala or concentrate on making one with lots of different shades of the same colour. Be warned though, you might be there all day, it is an easy activity to get lost in.

Make your own nature animals. Create dragonflies out of sticks, stones and colourful leaves, make hedgehogs out of pinecones or create your very own creature. Being the first to discover this new beast you can also think up an amazing name for it. How about a Stinky Stomp or a Squishy Squelcher?

Make leaves your canvas instead of your paint. Metallic coloured pens work really well for this, as do fluorescent ones (although highlighters don’t work so well). Create beautiful patterns or draw an item or creature on each one and use them like story stones. Hang your pretty works of art from a stick using twine and you will have yourself a lovely leaf mobile.

What are your favourite autumnal nature crafts? We would love to hear about them. Share your pictures on our facebook page or tweet us @adventuretogs with the hashtag #adventurebugs


Outdoor Blog Roundup – August

Outdoor Play Roundup It’s time for the monthly roundup and this month we have some arty fun to share along with a fabulous sensory experience.

First off this month Adventures of Adam shares a fabulous water spray activity that not only creates beautiful art work but also supports those all important fine motor skills.

We absolutely loved this next activity from In the Playroom. They showed us how to make a beautiful garden leaf collage and we adored the results! This is a brilliant activity across all the seasons but we think it will produce fabulous results as the autumn starts to arrive, as it seems to be doing already near us!


Multicrafting Mummy shared a lovely way to celebrate the beauty of sunflowers with this gorgeous sunflower height chart. What a lovely way to chart your little ones height as they grow.

Finally we loved Kids in the Garden’s account of their journey around the Barefoot Walk at Kew Gardens. This looks like an amazing sensory experience and one we think doesn’t have to be confined to Kew Gardens. Go on, enjoy the last of the summer, kick those shoes off and feel the squelch of mud in between your toes. You know you want to.

Over on facebook Outdoor People shared this fantastic link from mountain-training.org with tips on how to enjoy the mountains with children. We love mountain walking here at Adventure Togs and would absolutely recommend it to anyone.

Do let us know if you decide to give mountain climbing a go or if you decide to have a go at barefoot walking. We would love to hear all about your adventures. Or if getting arty is more your thing then do send us over pics of your lovely art. We love to see how you all choose to play outdoors. You can share the fun with us over on our facebook page Adventure Togs or tweet us@AdventureTogs and share your fun. We can’t wait to hear what you have been up to.